PowerPlex 5C Matrix Standard

Varenummer: DG4850
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The PowerPlex 5-Dye Matrix Standards allow the PowerPlex ESX, ESI, 18D, 21, Y23 and Fusion Systems to be analyzed on the ABI PRISM 310 Genetic Analyzer (Cat.# DG4600) and ABI PRISM 3100 and 3100-Avant or Applied Biosystems 3130, 3130xl, 3500 and 3500xL Genetic Analyzers (Cat.# DG4700). Proper generation of a spectral calibration file is critical to evaluate multicolor systems. The PowerPlex 5-Dye Matrix Standards (Cat.# DG4600 and DG4700) contain matrix fragments labeled with five fluorescent dyes: Fluorescein, JOE, TMR-ET, CXR-ET and CC5. Once generated, the spectral calibration file is applied during collection of PowerPlex data to calculate and compensate for spectral overlap between different fluorescent dye colors. The new PowerPlex 5-Dye Matrix Standards (Cat.# DG5640 and DG4850 contain matrix fragments labeled with five fluorescent dyes: Fluorescein, JOE, TMR-ET, CXR-ET and WEN. Please visit for additional details regarding this change.|

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Store PowerPlex(R), 5-Dye Matrix Standards, 310 (Cat.# DG4600), and PowerPlex(R), 5-Dye Matrix Standards, 3100/3130 (Cat.# DG4700), at -20 C. Store PowerPlex(R), 5C Matrix Standards, 310 (Cat.# DG5640), and PowerPlex(R), 5C Matrix Standard (Cat.# DG4850) at 4 C after first use.
The matrix standards are light-sensitive; therefore, minimize light exposure.|This product or portions thereof is manufactured and sold under license from GE Healthcare under Australia Pat. No. 692230, Austria Pat. No. E236994, Belgium Pat. No. 0743987, Canada Pat. No. 2231475, EP Pat. Nos. 0743987 and 0851867, France Pat. Nos. 0743987 and 0851867, Germany Pat. Nos. 19581489, 69530286.8 and 0851867, Italy Pat. Nos. 0743987 and 0851867, Japan Pat. No. 3066984, Liechtenstein Pat. Nos. 0743987 and 0851867, Netherlands Pat. Nos. 0743987 and 0851867, Spain Pat. Nos. 2197193 and 2173310, Sweden Pat. Nos. 0743987 and 0851867, Switzerland Pat. Nos. 0743987 and 0851867, United Kingdom Pat. Nos. 0743987 and 0851867, U.S. Pat. Nos. 5,654,419, 5,688,648, 5,869,255, 6,177,247, 5,707,804, 6,028,190, 6,544,744, 7,015 000 and 5,728,528 and other pending and foreign patent applications.End User Terms and Conditions Acceptance. These terms and conditions shall govern the purchase, use, transfer and acceptance of the products described in the purchase order, quotation or invoice, which products are sold and distributed by Promega to the buyer/transferee of such products (the "End User"). The transfer/sale of products to the End User is expressly conditional upon End User's acceptance of these terms and conditions.Restrictions on Use. End Users are specifically not authorized to and are forbidden from reselling, transferring or distributing any products either as a stand alone product or as a component of another product. The right to use the products does not, in and of itself, include or carry any right of the End User to any GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences Corp.'s technology or intellectual property other than expressly provided herein. End Users may not use sequence(s) in an attempt to reverse engineer parameters of any of GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences Corp. proprietary products or services.Disclaimer of Warranties. GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences Corp. provides no warranties to end user (statutory or implied), including without limitation, as to product quality, condition, description, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and all such warranties are hereby expressly disclaimed. GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences Corp. hereby expressly disclaims any warranty regarding results obtained through the use of the products, including without limitation any claim of inaccurate, invalid or incomplete results.Exclusion of Liability. GE Healthcare Bio-Sciences Corp. and its affiliates shall have no liability to an End User, including, without limitation, for any loss of use or profits, business interruption or any consequential, incidental, special or other indirect damages of any kind, regardless of how caused and regardless of whether an action in contract, tort, strict product liability or otherwise.TMR-ET, CXR-ET and CC5 dyes are proprietary.

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