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    MagneSil Total RNA mini-Isolation System
    Opplysning: 4 plate The MagneSil Total RNA mini-Isolation System provides a high-throughput 96-well format for fast, simple preparation of intact total RNA from small amounts of cell culture, tissue or freshly isolated whole blood.
    Varenummer: Z3351
    ReliaPrep miRNA Cell and Tissue Miniprep System, 10
    Opplysning: 10 preps ReliaPrep miRNA Cell and Tissue Miniprep System provides complete isolation of total RNA, including microRNA (miRNA) and other small non-coding RNA (sncRNA) subspecies, from a wide variety of cell and tissue types in as quickly as 40 minutes.
    Varenummer: Z6210
    ReliaPrep Large Volume HT gDNA Isolation System
    Opplysning: 1 each Automated DNA Isolation from 1–10ml Blood.Effective recovery from pristine, hemolysed or frozen samples. Purified DNA ready for use in downstream assays or archiving. Chemistry scaled for each sample, reducing waste.
    Varenummer: A2751
    Wizard Plus SV Minipreps DNA Purification System
    Opplysning: 50 preps 1-20 µg High-Quality Plasmid DNA from 1-10ml Cultures. Process up to 20 minipreps in 45 minutes. Choice of spin or vacuum purification formats. No phenol extractions or precipitations required.
    Varenummer: A1330