Massespektrometri LC-MS

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  • QTOF mass spectrometers for increased productivity - Industry-leading full scan, accurate mass QTOF technology. Choose from space-saving benchtop mass specs for routine, high throughput and resolution workflows to TripleTOF instruments for more complex quantitative and qualitative analyses.
  • QTRAP systems - Significantly bolster your confidence in your mass spec data. QTRAP technology is a triple quad system like no other, with all the performance of a triple quad but added functionality to overcome matrix interferences, increase screening throughput, and more.
  • SCIEX Triple Quad systems - The highest levels of selectivity and sensitivity for targeted multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) LC-MS/MS analysis
  • TOF/TOF systems - Fast and sensitive MALDI TOF/TOF analysis for protein ID, tissue imaging and surface profiling, and more