NanoBRET PPI Control Pair (p53, MDM2), 2 x 20microg

Varenummer: N1641
Kort informasjon 2 x 20 microgram
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NanoBRET technology is an improved bioluminescence resonance energy transfer (BRET)-based technology that uses NanoLuc luciferase as the BRET energy donor and HaloTag protein labeled with the NanoBRET 618 fluorescent ligand as the energy acceptor to measure the interaction of two binding partners in live cells. NanoBRET Protein:Protein Interaction (PPI) Assays use NanoLuc Luciferase and HaloTag protein fused to target proteins of interest to enable sensitive, reproducible detection of protein interactions in the natural cellular environment. The use of full-length proteins expressed at low levels enables PPI monitoring and screening studies that reflect true cellular physiology. For more details on using NanoBRET technology for protein:protein interaction studies visit the NanoBRET Technology for Protein Interactions page. The NanoBRET PPI Starter Systems provide the vectors required to create NanoLuc Luciferase and HaloTag protein fusions to target proteins of interest, the NanoBRET PPI Positive Control Pair (p53,MDM2) and the NanoBRET Nano-Glo Detection System, which contains the NanoBRET Nano-Glo Substrate used by NanoLuc Luciferase to generate the donor signal and the HaloTag NanoBRET 618 Ligand for the fluorescent energy acceptor. MCS Starter System: Generate N- and C-terminal NanoLuc Luciferase and HaloTag protein fusions to target proteins using traditional cloning with a multiple cloning site (MCS). Flexi Starter System: Generate N- and C-terminal NanoLuc Luciferase and HaloTag protein fusions using the Flexi Vector Cloning System, a directional cloning method based on two rare-cutting restriction enzymes, SgfI and PmeI, that provides a rapid, efficient and high-fidelity way to transfer protein-coding regions between Flexi Vectors without the need to resequence. Utilize Find My Gene to obtain your ORF clones as HaloTag fusions.|

Understand Real Biology: Live-cell reagents allow you to detect protein:protein interactions in real time using full-length proteins or fragments.
Monitor Changes: Reversible assay technology allows you to study both induction and inhibition of protein interactions.
See Improved Assay Performance: Bright, blue-shifted donor signal and red-shifted acceptor create optimal spectral overlap, increased signal and lower background compared to conventional BRET assays.
Scale Your Assays: Assays can be performed in 96- or 384-well formats with low variability and high reproducibility.
Enjoy Convenience: The NanoBRET(TM); Nano-Glo(R), Starter Systems provide all of the components required to design and optimize a NanoBRET(TM); PPI assay for your protein interactions of choice.

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Store at -30 C to -10 C.|

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