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The MagneSil Genomic, Large Volume System, is designed for scalable, automated genomic DNA isolation from large-volume samples, eliminating laborious centrifugation steps and the use of hazardous organic solvents. The system has been automated on the Tecan Freedom EVO liquid handler, providing walkaway purification of genomic DNA from a variety of starting materials, including 1-10ml whole blood samples, regardless of sample storage or shipping conditions. The instrument uses only the amount of reagents required to process each sample, maximizing efficiency and value per prep. The MagneSil Genomic, Large Volume System, uses a robust noncentrifugation-based automated method to purify genomic DNA from fresh, frozen or mishandled blood and other samples with similar yields and quality. The system bypasses many of the challenges of traditional centrifugation-based methods by lysing the entire whole blood sample and then directly capturing total genomic DNA from the lysed sample using MagneSil Paramagnetic Particles (PMPs). The genomic DNA bound to the MagneSil PMPs is washed to remove contaminants such as heme and cellular proteins, then eluted into an aqueous solution ready for use in downstream applications. There is no need for tedious and lengthy DNA rehydration. The purified genomic DNA is suitable for a variety of downstream applications such as single and multiplex PCR, restriction digestion and real-time PCR.|
Improve Productivity: Walkaway automation from blood-collection tube to application-ready DNA.Rely on an Integrated Solution: One reagent system and automated method provide yield and purity from any sample type (fresh or frozen blood, samples of unknown quality and mixed sample populations).Enjoy Smart Scalability: Scale sample size from 1-10ml of blood, batch size from 1-96 samples and reagent usage from input sample volume.Achieve Turnkey Automation: Optimized protocol available for the Tecan Freedom EVO(R) instrument. This and other validated automated methods are available at:

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