ReliaPrep RNA Cell Miniprep System

Varenummer: Z6010
Kort informasjon 10 preps Recover Concentrated, Pure RNA from Precious Cell and Tissue Samples
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The ReliaPrep RNA Cell Miniprep System provides a fast and simple technique for preparation of intact total RNA from cultured cells or tissue in as little as 30 minutes. The proprietary column/binding matrix can efficiently capture RNA from very small amounts of input material, isolating RNA eluted in a minimal volume (less than 15ul). Using this membrane-based purification system, from 100 to 5 x 10(6) cultured cells or 0.25 to 20mg of tissue can be processed per purification. The system incorporates a DNase treatment step directly on the minicolumn membrane and effectively removes substances that can inhibit downstream assays. Purification is achieved without the use of phenol:chloroform extractions or ethanol precipitations, resulting in pure RNA that does not require additional purification or concentration of the RNA for use in demanding applications.|

Be Efficient: Allows use of precious samples.
Have Confidence: Provides maximum sensitivity for downstream assays without worry of inhibition when measuring low-copy-number targets.
Save Effort: No need to further concentrate samples for use.
Save Time: Rapid protocol and provided DNase reagents streamline laboratory processes.

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Store at 15-30 C.|

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