RiboMAX Large Scale RNA Production System-SP6

Designed for large-scale RNA production, the RiboMAX Systems consistently produce 2-5mg RNA from a 1ml reaction volume.

RiboMAX Large Scale RNA Production Systems consistently produce 2-5mg/ml RNA in a 1ml reaction, about 10- to 20-fold more RNA than Riboprobe. RiboMAX System reactions differ from those of Riboprobe Systems in 3 primary ways: a HEPES (pH7.5) buffer is used rather than a Tris-HCl (pH7.9) buffer; rNTP & magnesium concentrations are elevated at levels appropriate for either SP6 or T7 RNA polymerase; and inorganic pyrophosphatase is used. RNAs synthesized with RiboMAX System perform better for in vitro translation in rabbit reticulocyte translation systems than RNA synthesized by standard methods. The reduction of components inhibitory to translation may be advantageous for other applications requiring biologically active RNA. Because the RiboMAX Systems produce large quantities of RNA, these systems are not recommended for the generation of high-specific-activity RNA probes. Also, using RiboMAX System for producing capped transcripts requires Ribo m7G Cap Analog (Cat. P1711).