SpectraMax Mini microplate reader is here!

We can now offer SpectraMax Mini, a budget friendly and user upgradable multi-mode reader that does not compromise on performance. The reader gives you flexibility, you can upgrade your instruments even if the variety of our applications changes.

SpectraMax Mini microplate reader is here!

It has 3 configurations, detection for full spectrum absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence. The SpectraMax Mini reader is user upgradeable - from 2 to 3 modes, providing researchers with a versatile instrument that does not compromise on sensitivity or performance. Included SoftMax® Pro Software enables rapid data generation and analysis helping you achieve more in less time. 

Key features:

• Configurable and user upgradable
• 6 to 384 well plate compatibility
• Tunable ABS 
• Filter based Fluorescence + Luminescence
• Filter Position: single, user exchangeable 
• Temperature control with shaking (45°C)

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If you have any questions please contact: 
 Christine Rindal Ibra - +47 944 34 009 -  christine.rindal.ibra@nmas.no