STP Maglev Turbomolecular Pumps

On Chamber Solutions

Low Vibration and Zero Maintenance. If you need consistent, reliable performance with zero maintenance, our range of STP Maglev Turbomolecular Pumps sets the standard. The rotor is entirely suspended by magnetic bearings – perfect for applications demanding high up-time, hydrocarbon-free pumping, minimal maintenance and low vibration.

Advanced High Throughput Series

The Advanced series offers high levels of throughput, perfect for your semiconductor etch and CVD processes:

  • Compact footprint
  • Throughput speeds from 300 l/s to 4500 l/s
  • Throughput up to 6 slm and increased H2, N2 and Ar performances

This all-in-one turbo pump solution eliminates the connection cable and rack conventionally required:

  • Reduced footprint, saving valuable fab real estate, installation time and cost
  • On-board power supply reduces energy consumption by up to 32% at high gas flows
  • Operating with throughput speeds from 300 l/s to 4500 l/s.

The Ultra High Vacuum series offers unrivalled reliability, performance, clean¬liness and class leading low vibration levels.

  • D.C. power eliminates the need for batteries
  • Half rack controller features auto-tuning and advanced diagnostic features
  • Speeds from 300 l/s to 1000 l/s and <10-10 mbar ultimate pressure CF flange
  • “C” version for harsh process is also available

 The Ultra High Vacuum Low Vibration version incorporates all the features of the Ultra High Vacuum series, plus a built-in vibration isolator to bring you ultra-low vibration performance.

Edwards nEXT mechanical turbomolecular pumps

A turbomolecular pump is a multistage axial-flow turbine in which high speed rotating blades provide compression by increasing the probability of gas moving in the pumping direction. The turbomolecular pump is optimised for molecular flow conditions and requires a suitably sized backing pump to exhaust to atmosphere.

nEXT turbomolecular pumps are built on decades of experience and are drawing from our tried and trusted EXT and STP ranges. nEXT pumps offer superior performance, reliability and end user serviceability, setting the benchmark for scientific turbomolecular pumps.

Exceptional performance from the nEXT range

nEXT has been designed to combine all the latest technological advances in turbomolecular pumps providing end-user serviceability and delivering a truly class leading product. Pump sizes available offering true 85, 240, 300, 400 and we have now added 700 and 900 litres per second pumping speed performance to our nEXT family(N2).

Conventional turbomolecular pump rotors are designed to deliver either high speed or high compression. To eliminate this compromise the blade arrangements on the nEXT rotor have been totally re-designed to optimise pump performance and achieve both higher speeds and higher compression. The end result is an exceptional pumping performance for a pump of its size.

Edwards nEXT730 turbomolecular vacuum pump

Edwards are proud to introduce two new additions to the nEXT product family, the nEXT730 and the nEXT930. With the nEXT730 and nEXT930, Edwards is extending the range of our market leading nEXT platform with two new larger pumps offering speeds significantly over 700 l/s and 900 l/s for nitrogen.

As well as addressing the general R&D market, where faster pumping speeds are sometimes required, these pumps are also designed to meet the requirements of the coating market and other diffuse market sectors such as Heat treatment, Furnace applications, Ebeam welding, Etch, Ion implant, Degassing and Cylinder evacuation.

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