ICP-OES - elementanalyser med iCAP PRO

Varenummer: iCAP ICP-OES PRO
Kort informasjon iCAP PRO er en serie moderne, kompakte, meget raske og brukervennlige ICP-OES instrumenter. I tillegg har de et svært lavt gassforbruk. iCAP PRO kommer enten med 3- eller 4-kanals peristaltisk pumpe, begge varianter med mulighet for on-line tilsetning av internstandarder og hydrid-generingsutstyr. Instrumentet lar seg kombinere med ulike tilleggsutstyr f. eks. hydrid-generering, autosamplere og utstyr for automatisk fortynning. Programvaren Qtegra styrer instrumentet, og den har ferdige, optimaliserte funksjoner for blant annet rask oppstart, kalibrering og metodeoptimalisering. I tillegg tilfredsstiller Qtegra kravene i 21 CFR Part 11, Ph. Eur, UPS, JP og CP.
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Fast ICP-OES Analyses with the Latest Advances

Advanced technology combines optimal performance with flexibility. Exceed the analysis requirements of any substance from drinking water to crude oil. A simple user interface empowers intuitive operation by analysts with any level of experience. An ideal instrument for new ICP-OES users, the iCAP PRO Series ICP-OES is equally suited to experienced operators conducting high performance analysis. Achieve effective interference separation with high-resolution optics. Both duo and radial view configurations of the instruments feature vertical torch orientation. When combined with the unique plasma interface, a new level of robustness is achieved. Adjustable radial viewing height on both duo and radial view instruments, enabled by the vertical plasma interface.

Increase robustness further with dedicated accessories and analyze the most challenging samples, such as saturated brine solutions. A range of optional nebulizers and spray chambers for more diverse applications are available. These enable analysis of samples such as those containing hydrofluoric acid, organic solvents or with a total dissolved solids content of more than 3%.

For samples with a high total dissolved solids content, the sheath gas adaptor can be used on both the radial and duo systems of the iCAP PRO Series ICP-OES. This accessory offers ultimate robustness for the analysis of samples containing very high dissolved solids, such as saturated brine solutions.

Simple analysis of complex line-rich samples is achieved without elaborate deconvolution, thanks to a resolution of <7 pm at 200 nm. Use of fewer optical surfaces minimizes reflective losses and maximizes light transmission from plasma to detector for superior detection limits. Advanced automatic stabilization dramatically reduces the instrument’s warm-up time without impacting analysis times. Achieve superior signal detection and a working dynamic range of 9 orders of magnitude. The iCAP PRO Series ICP-OES features a unique combination of double pass optics and an advanced CID detector. Reduce the need for re-analysis of over-range samples with the high speed random access CID allows complete simultaneous access to the spectrum between 167.021 to 852.145 nm, regardless of concentration. It also gives consistent results at any wavelength.

Discreet sampling and auto-dilution

  • Analysis time and cost are both reduced by auto-dilution which eliminates the need for additional post-run analysis. Samples exceeding the calibrated range or showing poor internal standard recoveries are automatically diluted.
  • Unique Qtegra ISDS Software monitors data and makes decisions on QCs and calibrations used to perform dilutions with the auto-dilution system.
  • The Qtegra ISDS Software can also use the auto-dilution system to generate calibration standards from a single stock solution.

Hydride generation

  • Gain true confidence in detection of hydride forming elements at sub ppb concentration. The increased detection capability is achieved using:
  • A basic hydride kit to simultaneously determine hydride forming and non-hydride forming elements
  • An integrated hydride generation accessory enabling maximum detection of hydride forming elements
  • Large photo active area to cover the complete wavelength range
  • High-speed electronics and readout to ensure consistent measurement times
  • Random-access integration to negative blooming and pixel saturation

Obtain measurements fast

  • Advanced, high-speed charge injection device detection technology produces results in the fastest possible time
  • Consistent, predictable measurement times
  • A small optical tank ensures fast start up time and reduced purge gas requirements. With start up times of just 30 minutes from power off and 5 minutes from standby (model dependent)
  • Detect from % range to sub ppb detection limits with a high dynamic range detector
  • Application-specific sample introduction systems reduce method development time

Trusted high-performance optics

  • Experience more simplicity without compromising on detail
  • Easy to use Qtegra ISDS Software delivers both flexibility and simplicity.
  • Easy to use for entry-level technicians
  • Flexibility to fulfil demanding projects
  • Long-term stability through gas MFCs and temperature control
  • Full frame view immediately after measurement
  • Intelligent monitoring of analytes with Qtegra ISDS Software
  • Generate both predefined and custom reports on demand
  • Plasma optimization tool with tune sets and auto-tune for automated method development

New features enhance user experience

  • Plasma TV allows you to monitor the plasma during sample analysis
  • Smaller design to fit easily in any laboratory
  • Know at a glance whether the instrument is in use or on standby with status LEDs
  • Beam blocker to maximize the lifetime of optical component

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