RealTime-Glo MT Cell Viability Assay, 10 x 100 reactions

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Kort informasjon 10 x 100 reactions
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The RealTime-Glo MT Cell Viability Assay is a non-lytic, homogeneous, bioluminescent method to determine in real time the number of viable cells in culture by measuring the reducing potential of cells and thus metabolism (MT). The assay involves adding NanoLuc luciferase and a cell-permeant pro-NanoLuc substrate to cells in culture. Viable cells reduce the proprietary pro-substrate to generate a substrate for NanoLuc luciferase. This substrate diffuses from cells into the surrounding culture medium, where it is rapidly used by the NanoLuc enzyme to produce a luminescent signal. The signal correlates with the number of viable cells, making the assay well suited for cytotoxicity studies. The reagent is stable and nontoxic to cells for up to 72 hours. No cell washing, removal of medium or further reagent addition is required to determine the number of viable cells. The non-lytic nature of this assay enables cells to be monitored over time in the same well, which reduces the amount of cells used and cell culture costs, and in downstream applications, including assay multiplexing and nucleic acid analysis.|

Real-Time Cell Viability Measurements: Monitor cell viability in real time to determine onset of toxicity, analyze potency versus efficacy over time and analyze differential cell growth with a simple, plate-based protocol.
Superior Sensitivity: The bioluminescent assay provides a greater signal-to-background ratio and higher sensitivity in less time compared to colorimetric or fluorometric viability assays that are based on the reducing potential of cells.
Assay Setup Flexibility: Perform real-time measurements by adding reagents when cells are plated, when test compound is added to the cells or at any time point when cell viability measurements are needed. Alternatively, set up the assay for an endpoint cell viability determination.
Non-Lytic Assay Format: The RealTime-Glo(TM); MT Cell Viability Assay does not require cell lysis. Use cells to multiplex with other luminescent or fluorescent assays without the need for special filters or use cells later in a variety of downstream applications. This means you will use less sample and obtain more informative data points per sample.
Well Established Marker of Cell Viability: The assay chemistry is based on the reducing potential of the cell, which is a trusted metabolic marker of cell viability.
Compatibility with Automation: The assay is compatible with automated and high-throughput protocols. Reactions are scalable and can be performed at low volumes in 96-, 384- and 1,536-well plates.

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Store the RealTime-Glo(TM); MT Cell Viability Assay reagents at -20 C, protected from light. Avoid prolonged exposure to light of the MT Cell Viability Substrate, 1,000X. Avoid multiple freeze-thaw cycles. See product label for expiration date.|

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