GoTaq MDx DNA Polymerase, Glycerol-Free, 500u

Varenummer: D4101
Kort informasjon Concentration: 5u/µl
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GoTaq MDx DNA Polymerase is a full-length form of Taq DNA polymerase that exhibits 5´--more than3´ exonuclease activity. GoTaq MDx Hot Start Polymerase contains GoTaq MDx DNA Polymerase bound to a proprietary antibody that blocks polymerase activity. The polymerase activity is restored during the initial denaturation step when amplification reactions are heated at 94-95°C for two minutes. This allows hot-start PCR in which polymerase activity is inhibited at temperatures below 70°C, allowing convenient, room-temperature reaction setup. Hot-start PCR is advantageous for some amplification targets because primer-dimer and secondary products are eliminated or minimized. In some cases, hot-start PCR may improve yields. The glycerol-free product formulation is further purified to remove glycerol, making it suitable for further manufacture processing and lyophilization. GoTaq MDx DNA Polymerase products are manufactured under cGMP. GoTaq MDx DNA Polymerase products are general purpose reagents intended for general laboratory use. They can be used as a component of molecular diagnostic assays, where applicable country laws allow, without paying royalties. The products by themselves do not provide any diagnostic result.|
Achieve consistent and robust amplification using GoTaq; MDx DNA Polymerase.

Use Consistently Performing Enzymes: cGMP-manufactured using validated equipment, processes and methods under a certified Quality System to ensure consistent product performance lot-to-lot.
Work with High-Quality Enzymes Tested for Low DNA Contamination: QC-tested for bacterial, fungal and mammalian DNA.
Take Advantage of our Custom Solutions: Flexible product formats and formulations available.

To use GoTaq; MDx Hot Start Polymerase in a custom format or to distribute GoTaq; MDx Hot Start Polymerase, contact the Promega Custom Order Department to discuss specific requirements.

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Store at -30 to -10 C.
Certificates of Analysis
GoTaq; MDx Hot Start Polymerase Certificate of Analysis
GoTaq; MDx Hot Start Polymerase, High Concentration, Certificate of Analysis
GoTaq; MDx Hot Start Polymerase, Glycerol-Free, Certificate of Analysis
GoTaq; MDx DNA Polymerase Certificate of Analysis
GoTaq; MDx DNA Polymerase, Glycerol-Free, Certificate of Analysis|U.S. Pat. No. 6,242,235, Australian Pat. No. 761757, Canadian Pat. No. 2,335,153 and other patents and patents pending. Licensed under U.S. Pat. No. 5,587,287 and corresponding patents in other countries. Use of this product for basic PCR is outside of any valid US or European patents assigned to Hoffman La-Roche or Applera. This product can be used as a component of molecular diagnostic assays where applicable country laws allow. The product by itself does not provide any diagnostic result.

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