ViviRen In Vivo Renilla

Varenummer: P1231
Kort informasjon 0.37mg
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ViviRen in vivo Renilla Luciferase Substrate is a uniquely engineered coelenterazine-based compound with protected oxidation sites. These modifications are designed to minimize substrate degradation and autoluminescence. It is reported that the ViviRen Substrate demonstrates brighter output when compared to the native coelenterazine substrate when used in an in vivo imaging application in a mouse model. Cat.# P1231 is supplied as a liquid, 60mM in DMSO. Cat.# P1232 is supplied as a lyophilized solid.|
Highest Quality Substrates: Eliminate potential interference in assays due to the presence of endotoxins.Assured Product Integrity: Most products are packaged in amber vials with septa to ensure product integrity as well as offer ease of dilution and use for imaging experiments. Product is packaged with fine tolerances to minimize the need to weigh substrates.Flexibility and Convenience: Available in multiple sizes to accommodate a variety of experimental settings.

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