ISOQUANT Isoaspartate Detection Kit (HPLC or Radioactive)

Varenummer: MA1010
Kort informasjon 100 assays Quantitative Detection of Isoaspartic Acid Residues in Proteins and Peptides
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Monitor Protein Deamidation through the Sensitive Detection of Isoaspartate

The ISOQUANT Isoaspartate Detection Kit is intended for quantitative detection of isoaspartic acid residues in proteins and peptides, which can result from the gradual, nonenzymatic deamidation of asparagine or rearrangement of aspartic acid residues during storage or handling. Because the kit does not depend on the monitoring of charge differences for detection, charge heterogeneity does not interfere with the assay. The ISOQUANT Kit can be used on peptides or proteins such as monoclonal antibodies.

Great Efficiency: Simple procedure with a test time of less than one hour. Automation possible with HPLC autosampler capability.

Economical: HPLC detection eliminates cost and inconvenience of radioactive materials handling.

Analytical: Quantitative results available.Versatile: Perform individual samples or batches. Small sample size makes the assay suitable for research, analytical methods, formulations and process development work.

Robust: Not affected by common buffer components.HPLC Detection

Flexible: Fits with existing equipment and expertise.

Sensitive: Detects isoaspartate resulting from aspartic acid rearrangement as well as deamidation of asparagine.

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Store at -20°C.

What's in the box?

Protein Isoaspartyl Methyltransferase:  A117A 1 × 1ml

Reaction 5X Buffer:  A118A 1 × 1ml

Isoasp-DSIP, Reference Standard:  A119A 1 × 50μl

S-Adenosyl-l-Methionine:  A120A 1 × 0.5ml

Stop Solution NR: A232A 1 x 10ml

S-Adenosyl-Homocysteine:  A233A 1 x 300μl

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