FuGENE 6 Transfection Reagent

Varenummer: E2693
Kort informasjon 0,5ml sample size
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Reliable Transfection for Common Cell Lines
  • Preserve cell viability
  • Excellent compatibility with everyday cell lines
  • Straightforward protocol; minimal optimization


FuGENE 6 Transfection Reagent is a nonliposomal formulation designed to transfect plasmid DNA into a wide variety of cell lines with high efficiency and low toxicity. The protocol does not require removal of serum or culture medium and does not require washing or changing of medium after introducing the reagent/DNA complex.|

More Biologically Relevant: Very low toxicity; less impact on biology.Simple Protocol: No culture changes; less variability; compatible with serum.Effective in Many Cell Types: Used in thousands of publications.Ideal for Use with Luciferase Assays: More expression; sensitive results.

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Store FuGENE(R) 6 Transfection Reagent at 4°C.Do not freeze or store below 0°C.|FuGENE is a registered trademark of Fugent, L.L.C., USA.
FuGENE(R) 6 is sold with a Limited Use Label License (LULL).You shall use this Product in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. You may not attempt to reverse engineer this Product. If you are not willing to accept these conditions, the distributor from whom the Product was purchased will accept the return of the unopened Product and provide you with a full refund. However, in the event this Product is opened, you agree to be bound by the conditions of this limited use statement.

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