GoTaq G2 DNA Polymerase, 100u

Varenummer: M7841
Kort informasjon 100u
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  • Full-length Taq DNA polymerase that exhibits 5´→3´ exonuclease activity
  • Direct-to-gel convenience
  • 5X Reaction Buffer with MgCl2 to simplify reaction setup
  • Supplied at a concentration of 5u/μl


The second generation of GoTaq products, GoTaq G2 DNA Polymerase reliably amplifies a wide range of PCR templates and provides high-performing results due to improved manufacturing processes, increased reliability and consistency. The product is available in many formats to give you maximum flexibility, control and convenience for your PCR. For robust, routine PCR choose a standalone enzyme and buffer system with or without magnesium. For maximum convenience choose an all-in-one master mix. For superior convenience with hot-start PCR see GoTaq G2 Hot Start Polymerase. GoTaq G2 DNA Polymerase is supplied with 5X Green GoTaq Reaction Buffer and 5X Colorless GoTaq Reaction Buffer. Both buffers contain MgCl2 at a concentration of 7.5mM for a final concentration of 1.5mM in the 1X reaction. GoTaq G2 Flexi DNA Polymerase is supplied with 5X Green GoTaq Flexi Buffer and 5X Colorless GoTaq Flexi Buffer and 25mM MgCl2. GoTaq G2 Green and Colorless Master Mixes are ready-to-use, green and colorless, 2X master mixes containing all necessary components for robust, reliable PCR, including the second-generation GoTaq G2 DNA Polymerase. Add template, primers and go. The GoTaq G2 and G2 Flexi DNA Polymerases are supplied in a proprietary formulation containing 50% glycerol with buffers designed for enhanced amplification. The enzyme is a full-length form of Taq DNA polymerase that exhibits 5'--more than3' exonuclease activity. The 5X Green GoTaq Reaction and Flexi Buffers contain two dyes (blue and yellow) that separate during electrophoresis to indicate migration progress. The colorless buffer is used when direct fluorescence or absorbance readings are required without prior purification of the amplified DNA from the PCR.|
Robust, Reliable Amplification

Direct-to-gel amplification buffer.
Two buffer systems available to match your needs:

Reaction buffer with MgCl2 to simplify reaction setup.
Flexi buffer and separate MgCl2 to enable optimization.

Risk-Free: Backed by the Promega PCR Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Store at -30 to -10 C.|U.S. Pat. No. 6,242,235, Australian Pat. No. 761757, Canadian Pat. No. 2,335,153 and other patents and patents pending. Use of this product for basic PCR is outside of any valid US or European patents assigned to Hoffman La-Roche or Applera. This product can be used for basic PCR in research without any license or royalty fees. This product is for research use only.

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