High-Yield Protein Expression System, 40 x 50 ul

Varenummer: L3260
Kort informasjon 40 × 50µl
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The TNT SP6 High-Yield Wheat Germ Protein Expression System, based on an optimized wheat germ extract, is a single-tube, coupled transcription/translation system designed to express proteins in only two hours. Protein synthesized, in the range of 10-100ug/ml, can be used in multiple proteomic-based applications, as well as in high-throughput analysis. All components necessary for transcription/translation are provided in the extract, with the exception of the plasmid DNA or PCR template. Optional protein-labeling reagents must also be supplied by the user. For custom wheat germ extract (depleted amino acids), order Cat.# X808X (see Products, Available Separately).|
Save Time: You can generate protein in only two hours, as compared to days when using cell-based (E. coli) systems.Choose Your Format: Use plasmid or PCR-generated templates to generate protein.Achieve High Yields: Generate 10- to 20-fold more protein (10-100microg/ml) when compared to other cell-free systems.Generate Usable Protein: Generate soluble, full-length protein and avoid problems associated with E. coli systems.

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Store at -70°C.|U.S. Pat. Nos. 5,324,637 and 5,492,817 and other patents.Any use of the product for diagnostics requiring clearance or approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or a foreign equivalent may require a license under Mayo Clinic U.S. Pat. No. 6,027,913.

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