ReliaPrep Blood gDNA Miniprep System, 250 preps

Varenummer: A5082
Kort informasjon 250 preps
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The ReliaPrep Blood gDNA Miniprep System provides a complete, ready-to-use method for purification of gDNA from up to 200ul of blood or body fluid, consistently isolating pure, intact gDNA without the use of alcohol washes or precipitations. Genomic DNA can be prepared from fresh or frozen blood in less than 40 minutes with expected DNA yields of 4-10ug, depending on the white blood cell count of the blood sample.|
Easy to Use: Reagents are supplied "ready to go"; no additions required.Save Time: Eluted DNA obtained in 30 minutes or less.No Ethanol: Eliminates alcohol inhibition and carryover.Pure gDNA: Improved A260/A230 ratios vs. the leading competitor.Peace of Mind: Consistent results from run to run and between users even with hemolyzed samples.Concentrated DNA: Good recovery and purity in as little as 50microl elution.

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Store at 15-30°C.|U.S. Pat. No. 7,264,927 and other patents and patents pending.

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