Coumermycin A1

Varenummer: C9451
Kort informasjon 5 mg
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The Regulated Mammalian Expression System features low basal levels, robust and rapid induction, and downregulation of gene expression in mammalian cells. The Regulated Mammalian Expression System is based on a novel on/off switch that relies on the rapid and sensitive modulation by coumerin-related compounds of a chimeric transactivator protein. Nanomolar concentrations of the antibiotic coumermycin promote homodimerization of a chimeric transactivator that, in turn, binds to lambda operator sequences located upstream of a minimal promoter driving transcription of coding sequences for a protein of interest. The levels of protein expression can be regulated by adjusting the coumermycin concentration. More significantly, this expression can be promptly and effectively switched off by adding novobiocin, which acts as an antagonist by dissociating the dimerized transactivator protein. The protein coding region of interest is cloned into either the pF12A RM Flexi Vector or pF12K RM Flexi Vector, both of which are specially designed for Regulated Mammalian (RM) protein expression. These vectors incorporate regulatory promoter sequences upstream of the protein-coding region and are compatible with the Flexi Vector System. In transient transfection paradigms, the pF12A or pF12K RM Flexi Vector containing the protein-coding region of interest is co-transfected into mammalian cells together with the pReg neo Vector. The pReg neo Vector is designed to express a chimeric transactivator protein that interacts with the regulatory promoter region in the pF12A and pF12K RM Flexi Vectors in a regulated fashion in response to coumermycin and novobiocin. Additionally, the pReg neo Vector encodes a neomycin phosphotransferase gene that allows stable cell selection and generation with the antibiotic G-418.|
Enhanced Data: High level of controlled induction combined with low basal protein expression.Regulated Expression: Dose-response induction of protein expression; rapid and sensitive on/off switch for protein expression.Versatility: Compatible with other Flexi(R) Vectors.

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Store at -20°C.|BY USE OF THIS PRODUCT, RESEARCHER AGREES TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS LIMITED USE LABEL LICENSE. If researcher is not willing to accept the terms of this label license, and the product is unused, Promega will accept return of the unused product and provide researcher with a full refund.Researchers may use this product in their own research and they may transfer derivatives to others for research use provided third parties agree to be bound by the terms of this label license. No commercial use is allowed. Commercial use means any and all uses of this product or derivatives by a party in exchange for consideration, including, but not limited to (1) use in further product manufacture; (2) use in provision of services, information or data; and (3) resale of the product or its derivatives, whether or not such product or derivatives are resold for use in research. With respect to any uses outside this label license, please contact Promega for licensing information. No other use or transfer of this product or derivatives is authorized without the prior express, written consent of Promega. PROMEGA MAKES NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING FOR MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE WITH REGARDS TO THE PRODUCT. The terms of this label license shall be governed under the laws of the State of Wisconsin, USA.Patent Pending.For research use only. Persons wishing to use this product or its derivatives in other fields of use, including without limitation, commercial sale, diagnostics or therapeutics, should contact Promega Corporation for licensing information. Licensed from National Research Council of Canada.Cat.# C9470, C9431, C9441: European Pat. No. 1685247 and other patents pending.

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