Carboxy Flexi System, Transfer

Varenummer: C9320
Kort informasjon 50 transfer reactions
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The Flexi Vector System is a directional cloning method for protein-coding sequences. It is based on two rare-cutting restriction enzymes, SgfI and PmeI, and provides a rapid, efficient and high-fidelity way to transfer protein-coding regions without the need to resequence. All Flexi Vectors carry the lethal barnase gene, which is replaced by the DNA fragment of interest and acts as a positive selection for the successful ligation of the insert. Unlike site-specific recombination vector systems, the Flexi Vector Systems do not require appending multiple amino acids to the amino or carboxy termini of the protein of interest. In addition, the systems do not require an archival entry vector, and most applications allow direct entry into the vector suited to the experimental design. C-terminal Flexi Vectors allow expression of C-terminal-tagged proteins. While these vectors can act as acceptors of protein-coding regions flanked by SgfI and PmeI, they lack a PmeI site and contain a different blunt-ended site, EcoICRI. This joined sequence cannot be removed from the C-terminal Flexi Vectors and transferred to other Flexi Vectors. For more information about the HaloTag Flexi Vectors, please visit the HaloTag Flexi Vectors online catalog page.|
Versatility: You can choose between a variety of initial applications (e.g., bacterial protein, mammalian or cell-free protein expression) and then transfer to others as required.Time Savings: Efficient transfer allows direct use of recombinant clones, minimizing time wasted screening background colonies.Enhanced Productivity: Adaptable to high-throughput formats for large screening projects.Easy Access: No licensing fees or complicated transfer restrictions.

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Cat.# C8640 is comprised of Cat.# C8641 and A9280. Store Cat.# C8641 at -20°C; store Cat.# A9280 at room temperature. Store Cat.# C8820 and C9320 at -20°C. Store enzyme blends at -20°C.Cat.# C8640, C8820, C9320: Patent Pending. All products on this page: European Pat. No. 1685247 and other patents pending. Cat.# C8640, C8820, C9320: For research use only. Persons wishing to use this product or its derivatives in other fields of use, including without limitation, commercial sale, diagnostics or therapeutics, should contact Promega Corporation for licensing information.Cat.# C8640, C8820, C9320, R1851, R1852: Licensed under U.S. Pat. No. 5,945,288.Cat.# R1851, R1852, R1901: U.S. Pat. No. 5,391,487.

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