Wizard SV 96 PCR Clean-Up System

Varenummer: A9340
Kort informasjon 1 × 96 preps 96-Well, Vacuum-Based Purification of PCR DNA. Protocol complete in as little as 20 minutes. Purifies 100bp to 10kb PCR Products. 96-well filter plate processing
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The Wizard SV 96 PCR Clean-Up System is designed for high-throughput purification of 100bp to 10kb PCR products from excess nucleotides, primers and primer dimers. This membrane-based system allows recovery of more than90% in as little as 20 minutes. The purified DNA can be used for automated fluorescent sequencing, cloning, labeling, restriction digestion or microarray analysis without further manipulation. The Wizard SV 96 PCR Clean-Up System uses 96-well filtration without the need to disassemble the manifold. Filtrate waste is delivered directly to a vacuum trap, eliminating the need to dispose of collected waste within the manifold assembly. Protocols are available for automated instruments from Beckman Coulter and PerkinElmer.|
High Performance: Optimized methods deliver purified PCR products suitable for demanding applications such as microarray analysis.Confidence: Average recovery for 100-500bp fragments of more than90%. Automated fluorescent sequencing Phred* 20 scores more than600.Automation: Validated automated methods available at: Choice of Configuration: Learn more about our custom options for this product at:*A Phred score is a widely recognized method to measure the quality of DNA sequences. Phred is a base-calling program for DNA sequence traces available from Codoncode Corporation.

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Store at 22-25°C.|

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