MagneSil GREEN

Varenummer: A8231
Kort informasjon 100 ml
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The Wizard MagneSil Sequencing Reaction Clean-Up System was developed for high-throughput purification of sequencing reactions, including BigDye Terminator reactions. Cleanup is performed using the proprietary MagneSil GREEN Paramagnetic Particles with standard, nonskirted 96-well amplification plates. No user intervention is required from the time the plates are placed on the instrument until the samples are ready for loading onto the fluorescent DNA sequencer. Protocols are available for automated instruments from Beckman Coulter and Tecan. The system relies upon the MagnaBot II for magnetic separation. The Plate Clamp 96 and Plate Stand are recommended for automated use because they ensure PCR plates are uniformly flat for liquid transfer on a robotic instrument.|
Get Immediate Results: Validated, walkaway method.Gain Confidence in Results: Purified products are approved for fluorescent sequencing reactions. Phred* 20 quality scores ≥650 bases.Automate This Assay: Validated automated methods available at:*A Phred score is a widely recognized method to measure the quality of DNA sequences. Phred is a base-calling program for DNA sequence traces available from Codoncode Corporation.

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Store at 22-25°C.|U.S. Pat. Nos. 6,027,945 and 6,368,800 and other patents pending.U.S. Pat. Nos. 6,284,470 and 7,078,224 and other patents and patents pending.

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