Maxwell 16 Tissue LEV Total RNA Purification Kit

Varenummer: AS1220
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The Maxwell 16 Tissue LEV Total RNA Purification Kit is used with the Maxwell 16 Instrument configured with the Low Elution Volume (LEV) hardware (Cat.# AS1250). This RNA purification procedure provides an easy method for efficient, automated purification of highly concentrated total RNA from up to 25mg of tissue and 2.5ml of whole blood collected into PAXgene tubes. Purified RNA for up to 16 samples is obtained in less than 45 minutes of hands-free instrument operation. No post-purification treatment with nuclease, cleanup or concentration is required to achieve superior performance in downstream applications. The low elution volume (30-100ul) is used to generate purified RNA in a more concentrated format for use in downstream applications such as qRT-PCR, RT-PCR and cDNA synthesis.|
Enjoy Confidence in Your Application Results: Essentially undetectable contaminating genomic DNA means fewer repeated experiments and unexplained or variable results. Obtain Application-Ready RNA: For most sample types, eluted RNA concentration is directly ready for qRT-PCR. No post-purification concentration is required. Achieve High Yield and High Concentration: High yields and high-concentration total RNA result in better performance in gene expression analysis applications. Protocols for a variety of new samples are continually being developed. Visit: for up-to-date information.

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Store the kit components at room temperature (15-30°C).|U.S. Pat. Nos. 6,027,945, 6,368,800 and 6,673,631 and other patents.

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