Maxwell 16 FFPE Plus LEV DNA Purification Kit

Varenummer: AS1135
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The Maxwell 16 FFPE Plus LEV DNA Purification Kit is designed to extract DNA rapidly from FFPE samples using the Maxwell 16 Instrument (Cat.# AS2000 and AS3000). The FFPE Plus Kit is specifically designed for optimal purification of DNA from one to ten 5um thin sections of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples. The Maxwell 16 FFPE Plus LEV DNA Purification Kit is optimized to yield a final DNA concentration that maximizes DNA yield, eliminating the need to concentrate the extract prior to amplification. Lysates are placed directly into the cartridges, and genomic DNA ready for amplification is obtained in approximately 30 minutes (after proteinase K digest). This kit does not use hazardous xylene, thereby providing a much safer method than some competitive kits. Additionally, quality testing demonstrates virtually no PCR inhibitors in purified samples.|
Increased Yield: Sufficient yield for downstream amplification. Immediate Time Savings: Overnight and 1-hour options for digest. Safer Than Other Methods: No organic solvents.

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Store at 15-30°C.|Patent Pending.U.S. Pat. Nos. 6,027,945, 6,368,800 and 6,673,631 and other patents and patents pending.

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