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Critical considerations for choosing the right microplate reader

In this webinar, Dr. Caroline Cardonnel, Senior European Application Scientist at Molecular Devices, will outline the key questions to consider before buying a microplate reader, and will provide expert insight on how to select the best technologies for your application workflow.

Key learning objectives

  • Learn what features to look for when choosing a microplate reader
  • Explore example applications and case studies
  • Discover the benefits of combining microplate readers with automated imaging systems to improve lab efficiency and get results faster
  • Who should attend?

Academia, Biotech, Pharma, CROs/CDMOs

Laboratory managers, Scientists, Scientific Staff Members, Facility Managers, Researchers, and Technicians
Certificate of attendance
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Caroline Cardonnel, PhD
Molecular Devices

"Dr. Caroline Cardonnel has over 16 years of experience working at Molecular Devices. Prior to joining Molecular Devices, Dr. Cardonnel was awarded a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology, and completed her doctoral studies at the University of Reading, UK, where she synthetized 32 suramin analogs and studied their effects on the formation of the dopamine-D2s receptor-G protein complex."

Sofia Hamadache

"Sofia studied Chemistry at University College London, UK. As a member of the Editorial team, she now plays an integral role in shaping the content on SelectScience."

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Friday, November 17, at 10:00 GMT / 11:00 CET / 05:00 EST / 02:00 PST
Critical considerations for choosing the right microplate reader