NGS Library Preparation with Unique Molecular Tags - Webinar

Library Preparation with Unique Molecular Tags from Rubicon Genomics. ThruPLEX Tag-seq provides 16 million unique combinations of molecular tags.


Download our webinar link to learn how Rubicon Genomics' NEW ThruPLEX Tag-seq Kit creates unbiased whole genome libraries with more than 16 million UMTs in a convenient single-tube, three-step workflow. The kit has been validated using HorizonTM cell-free DNA standards and software for analysis has been developed by Curio Genomics.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • How UMTs are incorporated into the libraries using ThruPLEX technology
  • Specific features of the ThruPLEX Tag-seq kit
  • Data analysis using Curio bioinformatics platform
  • Performance of ThruPLEX Tag-seq in detecting low-frequency variants when paired with hybrid capture technologies

Link to the recorded Webinar​

ThruPLEX Tag-seq Kit

ThruPLEX Tag-seq combines molecular tags with ThruPLEX chemistry to construct molecularly tagged and sample-indexed Illumina NGS libraries. Each kit contains more than 16 million unique sequences used to tag individual DNA fragments prior to amplification, providing tracking of the fragments through the library preparation, target enrichment and data analysis processes to detect low-frequency alleles or count individual fragments.

The ThruPLEX chemistry is engineered and optimized to produce highly diverse libraries with reproducible sequencing performance from 1 to 50 ng of DNA. The entire three-step workflow takes place in a single tube or well in about 2 hours. No intermediate purification steps and no sample transfers are necessary, which prevent handling errors and loss of valuable samples. ThruPLEX Tag-seq Kit includes all necessary reagents including indexes for multiplexing up to 96 samples. Once purified and quantified, the resulting library is ready for Illumina NGS instruments using standard Illumina sequencing reagents and protocol.

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ThruPLEX Datasheet